Saturday, December 15, 2012

Baking With Kids

My son have spent some time with his father in Sweden but right now he´s on the plane on his way to California. It´s terrible to be apart from him but SO wonderful when he finally comes back. It makes our time together very valuable. I´m so grateful for every minute with him.

My son loves baking. He´s been baking with me since he was newborn, just like Hayley. Some of the things we love to bake together are: pizza, cinnamon buns, bread, chocolate cake and cookies. He enjoys baking almost everything. He truly loves making his own pizza. I think he enjoys baking pizza more than anything else, I have to ask him when he gets here.

Some things that are important to think about, to make baking with kids a success are:

·       Make sure you have plenty of time, it´s not fun if you´re under time pressure.

·       Choose to bake something that you can master without too much trouble. You want your main focus to be on your child.

·       Don´t wear your best clothes! It can be messy sometimes.

·       Place all the ingredients you are planning to use in front of you before you start baking.

·       Talk to your child and explain what you are doing. They learn so fast. Take the time to answer questions.

·       Let the child help with everything that it´s possible for a child his/her age to do. Baking is an excellent opportunity to make math fun for your child. There´s so much math in baking (measuring, temperature, dividing the dough in pieces, counting how many pieces there are etc...)

·       Let the child have his/her own tools.

·       Don´t mind the mess! You can clean afterwards. Concentrate on the fun instead.

·       Give a lot of praise for every effort your child makes.


Is there anything else that you find useful to consider when baking with kids? What do you enjoy baking with your kids?


  1. I haven't tried baking with my son yet but I've been planning to. Thanks for your tips. They will make our baking experience pleasant.

    1. So exciting, I know you will have a lot of fun ahead of you :) Thank you very much for your feedback.
      See you soon.
      xo Maria

  2. I think that is great that you bake with your kids. I can't bake to save my life, lol. I can't wait to read more of your blog. Please stop by my blog at and leave me a comment.

    1. Thank you! I´m going to post some recipes that I´m sure you can bake if you want too ;) It doesn´t have to be complicated.

      The food on your blog looks very yummy!

      xo Maria